Dance Party in Lahore

If you’re a music lover, a dance party in Lahore is the perfect place to celebrate your new year. There are so many events in the city, you won’t want to miss one! There’s a House of Dance Party in Lahore on the 26th of October! This is the best dance party so far in the season. Live DJs and high-definition mix DJs will be spinning the best tunes.

This kind of event is also growing in Pakistan, especially in the federal capital. The invitations are sent out through Facebook and are widely spread on social girls in lahore Even higher authorities are not aware of this trend, and they’re not doing much about it. Nevertheless, this trend is a cause for concern. In order to curb these activities, the Interior escort service in lahore Ministry and administration in Islamabad are trying to prevent private parties from becoming a problem for the city.

However, the government is being criticised for allowing this vulgarity. It was not clear why parents were so worried about the event, but a escort in lahore student called it a good opportunity for students to socialise and have fun while learning about new cultures. In the meantime, parents have the right to decide whether their children can attend underage dance parties, but politicians shouldn’t interfere in the decision. While Pakistani lawmakers are considering banning dance parties in schools, a student said it would be wrong to make this decision.

In Pakistan, a vast majority of the population abhors the violence of the Taliban and many people consider Islam their guiding force. Though they are poorly performing in the polls, religious parties exert considerable influence in public debate. Most people think that Islam should rule the country and all its spheres. Myra, a 23-year-old Pakistani, is one of the few who attends the dance party in Lahore.

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